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Speak with Our Veterinarians about Reproduction Planning

Reproduction Planning

We offer a wide range of reproductive services for your pet, such as semen collection and storage, vaginal insemination, transcervical insemination, surgical insemination, as well as reproductive planning. We trend the heat cycle through progesterone timing and have an in-house progesterone machine. We do a large number of cesarean sections at our practice. 

We have a large frozen semen bank and work with breeders to find the optimum time and procedure to get the female bred and hopefully pregnant. We schedule pregnancy ultrasounds and X-rays based on our progesterone timing and breeding dates. We really enjoy working with breeders and seeing healthy puppies arrive safely, sometimes from semen that has been stored for decades! We also ship semen worldwide, in a frozen or fresh chilled state. 

If you have any questions regarding our reproductive services, please don’t hesitate to call us or email us at to discuss with one of our reproduction team members! 

Caesarean Section

While most animals give birth without any complications, some mothers will need help with delivery. We usually try to resolve the problem without using medical therapy, but when that doesn’t solve the issue we will perform a caesarean section.

During a caesarean, the mother will be given an anesthetic. An incision is then made along the abdomen and through the uterus to retrieve the unborn puppies or kittens. In certain situations, we may recommend that the mother is spayed during this procedure, this is usually done to prevent future problems of this nature.


This minimally invasive procedure allows us to see inside an animal’s body and take biopsies without surgical intervention

Surgical Services

We offer spaying, neutering, soft tissue, and orthopaedic surgery services at our veterinary hospital.


If you notice your pet has bare patches, lumps or bumps, or is scratching excessively, give us a call right away

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